Starting as a Front-end Developer

So, you have decided to be a developer. That’s incredible because you know its really awesome to code. Now, lets start to the real deal in it.

Photo by Nicolas Hoizey on Unsplash

As you’ve started, you’re gonna face not one but several ‘you breaking’ situation. All you need to do is question yourself why do you want to be a developer at first place. And if you don’t have a strong answer ( I mean reason to be a developer) and have nothing to give to achieve that career. Then I guess, I can’t say. And it is the bitter truth. So, first step for any person who wants to start as a developer is to have a mindset and determination. There wil be uncountable such periods but you should be able to counter those and move forward. Here, all you need to understand is tough mindset.

Moving on I am dropping some resources that I have followed and some additional that probably might be your steps towards your goal.

First one is definitely gonna be

Next I want you to watch this youtube video

Some other resources are

There are several others that I have not included but no need to worry because you will eventually find it out one way or other.


I am too learning to be a better developer everyday. Learning from others and sharing what I know.